Must to know Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms and Signs

Have you ever been worried that you or someone you may know, has type 2 diabetes ?

Well in this article we’re gonna look at what signs to look out for and what to do about it. So, today we’re going to talk about the process of blood sugars, and the insulin response.

We can get a better understanding of the entire process, and then we’re going to talk about
the signs of diabetes, and we’re going to do it in this order, First :

1-Blood Sugar and insulin :

So when we eat foods like carbohydrate, it’s broken down into glucose which is then absorbed into our bloodstream which increases our blood sugar levels.

Your body knows that high blood sugar levels are dangerous, so it produces and secretes insulin from the pancreas, and this insulin goes into the bloodstream and takes out excess sugar from our blood and stores it in the liver, in the muscle and in the fat cells and I hope that made sense.

So that was the normal process which allows blood sugars to maintain a normal level. but the problem in type 2 diabetes, is that your cells become desensitized to insulin, which in the medical world we call that insulin resistance.

So the normal process we just spoke about isn’t happening, and this is because insulin is constantly elevated in our body, and it’s because of many different reasons, one of which is eating too many sugary foods.

Now that we understand the basics of type 2 diabetes, let’s look at the signs that should be triggering you to speak to your GP.

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