Healthy Cooking – Tips to Cut Out Unhealthy Fat


According to the Institute of Medicine’s Guidelines, only

20-30 percent of our daily calories should come from fat.

Preparing meals at home helps to keep a close watch over

the calories and eliminate unhealthy fats. However, don’t

go overboard because some fats (unsaturated) are good for

the heart.

Most people love cheese, but it is chock-full of fat and

when you choose the low fat varieties of cheddar for

example, you get a rubbery, salty mess that doesn’t taste

anything like the cheese you know and love. Why not opt for

cheeses that are naturally low in fat content. For example,

feta and goat’s cheese are good for salads, sandwiches and

dishes that list cheese as an ingredient. Because of the

pungent flavor of feta and goat’s cheese, you also end up

using a lesser quantity of cheese in anything you prepare.

Other options include low fat cottage cheese or ricotta

cheese for lasagna and other baked dishes.

Broiling, roasting and grilling are some of the healthier

methods for cooking meats as opposed to frying meat. Cooking

methods like deep frying, pan frying and braising are all

to be avoided. You should also avoid the fattier cuts of

meat. Fish can be grilled or broiled and will taste just

as good with some lemon juice and a few other spices. Choose

lean steaks like flank or round for steak dinners and

marinade the meat in a mix of garlic, lemon juice and soy

sauce. This will help to tenderize the meat and flavor it

without the need for fat rich marinades. Always take the

time to trim as much fat as possible from the meat and remove

all the skin from chicken before cooking.

You can reduce the quantity of meat especially ground meat

in recipes with beans. Black eyed beans and pinto beans are

very healthy and have a low fat content. You can use a mix

of boiled beans and ground meat for burgers, meatloaf and

chili preparations. Add the spices and chopped bell peppers

and the burger will be just as tasty.

There is no rule that says all frying has to be done with

lard or butter. You can use broth quite effectively to

reduce the cholesterol and fat levels in the cooking. Cook

vegetables in broth and add broth instead of butter to

mashed potatoes. You can also keep some of the water you

boiled them in to moisten them for mashing.

Healthy cooking takes a bit of effort initially, but very

soon becomes a part of your regular cooking methods.