Healthy Cooking – Mistakes To Be Avoided


Now that you have decided to maintain a healthy diet by

eating healthy foods, it is time to get out the cookbooks

or start surfing the internet for recipes and tips. Healthy

cooking involves more than just cooking at home. It is also

about the ingredients used to prepare the food, cooking

methods, foods that are nutritious and foods that should

be avoided.

In the interests of eating healthy foods, no one wants to

end up eating the same boring foods every day. The path to

healthy cooking will have its share of learning curves; just

dig in and persevere. There are some mistakes you can avoid

to make the healthy cooking experience a happier one.

The first mistake people are apparently fond of making is

failing to plan in advance. When you decide to start cooking

your own meals that are a healthy option to eating junk food,

planning is an essential part of the process. It is very

important to plan a shopping list based on the menu for the

week ahead. Sit yourself down regularly once a week with

a cookbook or the internet to plan the foods you will feed

your family. Make a list of all the ingredients you need

to stock up on; stick to the list and you will not end up

buying foods that are unhealthy. Don’t forget to include

snack plans in the list for the week.

Preparation is key to saving time preparing those healthy

meals. Once the shopping is done, prepare the fruits and

vegetables by washing them and storing in the refrigerator.

Put the fruits and vegetables in damp paper towels first

then put them in airtight containers. This will help to

preserve them. Divvy up the snacks and store in sealable

ziplock bags; this way it is no big deal to hand them out

on a daily basis and you get to control the portions.

One common mistake people generally make is to go overboard

and cut out all the fat from their cooking. We need to

remember that not all fats are bad fats and the body does

need the energy and fatty acids some fats provide. A bit

of fat in the cooking will provide a sense of fullness so

you end up eating less. What you can do is reduce the bad

fats like full fat butter, cheese, cream and whole milk;

fatty meats; fried foods, baked goods sold commercially;

processed sauces and dressings.

Learn how to make sauces and dressings with healthy

ingredients and substitute healthy foods for unhealthy,

fat-rich foods.