Cold and Flu Symptoms and the difference between them both


Now when it comes to the flu, it’s a different story. It’s more severe, it involves all of the same symptoms of congestion, sore throat, cough, but it typically is accompanied by a high fever.

we usually get those terrible body and muscle ache and you just keep cringing where you’re practically bed ridden. and it can last about a week or so, but it could go longer than that as well.

And what’s particularly important is especially for people who have chronic disease, such as asthma, heart disease, or diabetes, it’s more likely to lead to complications such as pneumonia or hospitalization, so-
And it can be life threatening. Absolutely, so we’re dealing with a much more serious bug,of course, caused by influenza viruses.

Other important symptoms of Flu and cold :

Now, when it comes to bacterial infections, oftentimes patients go to a doctor and say, “I’ve had these symptoms for about a week, do you think I should go on antibiotics?”and Typically the answer is no.

there is specific guidelines that can help us distinguish whether something is bacterial or viral, and some of these things are oftentimes you might see yourself having symptoms of a viral infection, where you feel better at first, and then suddenly they get worse.

This is often an indication that there might be something bacterial going on,and that’s when we definitely want to consider treating with antibiotics. And if you take antibiotics, you need to take the entire course of them.

And then some of the other guidelines there is ,oftentimes if the symptoms are about 10 days or more, and associated with a high fever in a very simplistic way,

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