5 Best Cold and Flu prevention tips-In 24 HOURS


Cold and Flu prevention tips :

1 – Drink Lots Of Water

Most people are dehydrated and during times of stress and thus, typically drink even less water.
I suggest really increasing your water intake all the time, especially when you’re sick.

Double or triple the intake. Add in some Himalayan Salt, lemon juice and maybe a little stevia for sweetness and drink up. Flush out the toxins and you’ll feel much better.

2 – Manage & Reduce Your Stress

Almost always, when I’m under extra stress for too long — physical or emotional — I get sick.

Of course, you can’t always control stress. However, you can control the MEANING of stressful situations.
By this, I mean that when something goes badly, don’t make it out worse than it is.

Don’t keep reliving it in your head and keep talking about it to everyone you know, over and over again.
That just magnifies the pain and continues to cause hormonal imbalances, which kills your immune system.

If you can do something about the stressful situation – great, focus on the SOLUTION and move forward. If you can’t – then that’s fine to.It’s in the past.

What can you LEARN from it, so this doesn’t happen again in the future. And you’ll be better prepared for it. Then, move on. And that’s all you can do.

Unfortunately, most of us live in the past or worry about the future and this just kills your body and immune system.

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