5 Skin care routines to Get Rid of Wrinkles and Dark Circles


Using a cold spoon is a little less harsh than using actual ice on your face which is why it’s an ideal tool for reducing puffiness. here’s how you can do it yourself :

dip a spoon in water (it doesn’t matter what temperature) and pop it into your freezer, after at least 15 minutes take the spoon out and place it on top of your closed eyes. you can switch on and off from putting the spoon face up onto your eye and with the backside on your eye back.

Do this for as long as it takes to warm up the spoon which should only be a minute or so, you can also keep your dark under eyes cream in the fridge for the same cooling and deep puffing effect and if you decide to go with an ice cube, just be sure that you don’t put it directly on your skin!

Wrap it in a cloth or a paper towel, it’ll act as a barrier to protect your gentle eye region from the freezing cold temperature.

2- Make your own face masks :

How do you like your eggs? scrambled, over easy, poached, around your eyes?

Wait! come again? that’s right! Eggs are cheap and an easy way to give yourself a much needed facial, Egg whites are chock-full of protein, vitamin B and vitamin E which makes them a great ingredient for a deep puffing eye mask!

That’s because protein is known to have skin-tightening effects, just put raw egg white on your eye bags and let it dry and as its drying you’ll instantly feel it pulling your skin together, when it’s done working its magic rinse it off and you’re good to go.

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