12 early signs of lung cancer to never ignore

1- Unending Chronic Cough

A chronic cough accompanied by severe chest pain,respiratory infections and cold going up to two weeks can be a lung cancer symptom.

Don’t assume that it’s just a normal attack but instead see a doctor immediately.

2- Coughing Up Blood

In case you cough up blood , no matter how little it is, you better seek medical attention immediately.

Besides coughing up blood, a rust-colored phlegm can also be a lung cancer sign thus you must not ignore it too.

3- Breathing Difficulties

Experiencing shortness of breath and noisy breathing can also be a lung cancer symptom.Don’t feel relaxed when you are experiencing any unexplained shortness in breath.Let your doctor know about it as soon as possible.

4- Wheezing

This will result from inflammations or blockage of the airways. As a result a you will produce a wheezing sound when you breathe.Wheezing can be caused by an allergy or by asthma but don’t assume they are the cause in your case. Inform your doctor about first then let them confirm it’s cause.Wheezing is the most symptom realized by cancer patients.

5- Severe Chest Pain

Chest pain caused by lung cancer is not only experienced when you cough but also when you laugh or take a deep breath. The reason is because the lung cancer causes swelling of the lymph nodes thus making it difficult for chest to take part in any activity including laughing. This condition causes a lot of discomfort and it’s better to seek medical attention before it gets worse.

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