10 Common Symptoms of Nsclc Lung Cancer most people ignore

Non-small cell cancer is the most occurring type of lung cancer. Studies indicate that among 10 lung cancer patients, 8 have non-small cell cancer while the remaining 2 have small cell cancer.


There are various types of non-small cell cancers; Adenocarcinoma, epidermoid carcinoma (Squamous cell carcinoma), Large cell carcinoma (undifferentiated carcinoma). These are the main types of non-small cell lung cancer. Others include adenosquamous carcinoma and sarcomatoid carcinoma.

Like most cancer illnesses, early detection is very important so that the
appropriate NSCLC treatment can be applied. Latest lung cancer treatment is available for people experiencing NSCLC.

10 Symptoms of non-small cell Lung cancer

1. Finger clubbing.

This is a condition which happens to most people who have lung cancer. It is whereby the nail bed becomes soft and the skin around it becomes shiny. The fingernails then become more curved than normal. The fingernails then become larger, they are actually called rumstick fingers.’ Most people tend to overlook finger clubbing assuming that it is a normal phenomenon.

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